a gift for you

11/23/2021 3:37am

i wrote this poem to thank you for your lovely gift of hindsight
was blind and dumb before you came and opened up my mind’s eye
was low and clawing at the dirt before you let your light shine
and now i’m blind again, perhaps your light was much too bright?

i wrote this poem to celebrate your grace and endless beauty
there’s not enough words to describe for you what you do to me
quite crudely, you just move me with that callousness you spew me
but did you know the way you talk at me is oh so soothing?

i wrote this poem to tell the world that you’re of pure perfection
if anyone says otherwise, they’re lying, don’t accept it
unless, of course, it’s jest and you can tell by the inflection
if not, then I request you not fall for my misdirection.

i really wrote this poem to remind you that i’m a gift
that you could lose, if you so choose, and do so rather swift
so never fix your fucking mouth to fart and take a shit
and if you ever have the urge, you better bite your lip
a gift for you

room to grow

09/05/2021 2am

i wrote another poem today!
i know that’s what you hope i’ll say,
but that’s not how it goes
so would you please just let it go?

i need some fucking room to grow
mushrooms beneath a sheet of snow
and breathe a little trees, you know?
the room is stale, the breeze is cold.

this mary-goes around again
my feet just left the ground again
i’m swinging all around again
i don’t think i’ll come down

can’t help you, i’ve got problems to
run from, but i might solve a few
once done and throw a barbecue
for fun, but bring a sponsor

room to grow
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